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National Adoption Center At A Glance

National Adoption Center

The National Adoption Center is an independent, non-profit organization that makes arming prospective adoptive parents with as much information as possible prior to actually soliciting the help of an adoption agency its mission. The National Adoption Center, though it acts as a means of support for all prospective adoptive parents and all types of adoption, nevertheless has its particular initiatives that apply to subsets of the adoptive and adopted populations.

The NAC explicitly states their interest in trying to facilitate the placement of children from foster care. Also, more recently, the National Adoption Center has authorized an LGBT adoption.

Compared to other adoption websites and the amenities they claim to provide, the official page of the National Adoption Center has some unique programs in its employ that may be of considerable value to parents.

The AdoptSpeak section of their site is devoted to hosting a social network for adoptive parenting, and the AdoptMatch service lets prospective adopters create a profile on their family, find registered adoption agencies that may be a good fit for their needs, and read reviews written by parents who have used those agencies.ents who have used those agencies.

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