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National Adoption Foundation

National Adoption Foundation

The National Adoption Foundation, established in 1994 by veteran adoptive parents (not by the government, as one might expect), was created in response to the lack of help available at the time for new prospective adoptive parents, not only during the adoption process, but in caring for a child after the fact.

Besides being a more organic adoption foundation that is funded by donations, the National Adoption Foundation distinguishes itself from other organizations by focusing directly on the financial implications of life after the initial adoption application. This includes need-based legal costs.

As for specific financial services, the National Adoption Foundation provides a number of them. Some are more along the lines of gifts to the applicant, such as direct grants and savings plans.

Other services advertised by the NAF, notably unsecured loans and credit cards, would involve eventual repayment of their investment. The National Adoption Foundation even offers insurance in case a birth mother reneges on her promise to waive custody of her child and decides to keep her baby.

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