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What Are The Necessary Qualifications

Necessary Qualifications

An important requirement for families considering children up for adoption is their general health. It is vital parents that can display an expected level of health not only display their ability to remain healthy enough to rear a child, but also that they will impart a healthy lifestyle on the adopted child. In this light, many agencies and birth mothers instantly disqualify smokers due to the inherent risk of second-hand smoke.

In addition, criminal records will also be aggressively combed to show possible history of drug or substance abuse. Last, but clearly not least, for families discussing the option of pursuing children up for adoption is their employment status and financial stability. Federal law specifies a base-qualification for a hopeful adoption family at 125% of the poverty line to ensure a certain level of care.

This should not discourage hopeful families, as many of these qualifications are considered on a case-by-case basis. If a family knows they are stable in all aforementioned areas and clearly show an ability to provide love and care for children up for adoption, they will often get their dreams fulfilled.

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