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Make Sure You Know The Requirements for International Adoption

Requirements International Adoption

In terms of a prospective adoptive parent's eligibility for inter-country adoption, quite literally, he or she may feel as if there is a lot to prove. As different American states vary on their adoption statutes, each country has its own adoption requirements. Of course, there may be similarities, especially when countries apply elements of the Hague Adoption Convention.

Known to experts in domestic adoption and inter-country adoption alike, the home study is another prerequisite to completion of the adoption process. Intending adoptive parents must schedule visits by a licensed social worker (who often will work with an adoption agency) at their home.

Just when it seems as if the inter-country adoption process may be complete, probably the most critical of all adoption requirements must be obtained to make the transfer of custodial rights binding: formal consent to adopt.

Most foreign-born adoptees are orphans and abandoned children, but just the same, the central authority/satellite agency will have to agree to the adoption, and for Hague Convention countries, additional letters based on specific articles of the Convention must be sent to a U.S. ambassadorial office. Sometimes, but not always, a child will be deemed old enough to make a call on whether he or she wants to be adopted, and in this case, the demands of country and constituent must be met.

Though not an official requirement, adopting parties are urged to work with one or more adoption professionals (e.g. attorneys, facilitators) with areas of expertise in various stages of the adoption process. As with any kind of adoption, inter-country adoption beckons working with the right people who will attend to your needs as well as the basic responsibilities of their job.

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