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Read This On How Children Can Protect Themselves

How Children Can Protect Themselves

Preventing abuse is not always easy, but being proactive when it comes to prevention is very helpful. There are many ways for children to try to help keep themselves safe from child predators. One way is by making sure to go places with groups of friends rather than alone. This is especially true in areas like parks and playgrounds. Those are two places kidnappers go when searching for child victims.

Kidnappers usually seek out children that are alone. Walking back and forth from school, playing outside and waiting for a school bus are several activities that a child should do in a group. A child should never go to a park or secluded, unfamiliar area by themselves.

Children can also go about preventing abuse and abduction by knowing some basics about child abductors and their patterns. A child may be on the lookout for unusual or scary looking people, when it is really a gentle looking senior citizen who is a kidnapper. Many strangers do not look strange at all. In fact, child abductors will usually go out of their way to look trustworthy, kind and weak. They are aware that they will probably not manage to lure any child victims away by looking scary or menacing.

If a kidnapper grabs a child before they have a chance to assess the situation, the child should know to attack the kidnapper by fighting and screaming as loud as possible. If they manage to break away, they should be prepared to run as quickly as possible to a safe location, such as a nearby house or a public area with people that can help.

One particular way that a child can safeguard themselves against abduction is by devising a secret code word with family members and trusted family friends. Many child predators will find child victims by quickly finding out their names and telling them that a parent gave permission for the child to accompany them somewhere. Other examples can be pretending that there has been a family emergency.

Preventing abuse with a secret code word eliminates any confusion the child may have about trusting the stranger. When the stranger does not know the code word, then the child knows that their story is fake. A child should never tell anyone the code word.

Preventing abuse is unfortunately not always possible. However, a child who listens to the family rules about going to places alone and how to deal with strangers can help them to keep themselves as protected as possible.

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