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Must Know How Parents Can Protect Their Children

How Parents Can Protect Their Children

To prevent child abuse within the case of a child abduction, one must try to prevent the abduction itself - by avoiding dangerous areas. Talking to children about ways to fight off an abduction if they need to may be a form of abuse prevention.

Since many children are taught that they should always be polite to adults, they might not want to turn down a request for help if a child predator asks for a hand loading something into their car or looking for a lost pet. Parents should tell their children never to help a strange adult do anything. A child's willingness to help is one of the first things that a child predator will try to exploit.

Parents should also tell their children that it is okay to engage in a physical fight with an adult who tries to take them somewhere. Since most children are taught to use non-violent forms of conflict resolution, they may not want to strike anyone, let alone an adult.

Teach a child that it is okay to do whatever is necessary to escape. This includes anything from biting, kicking or punching. Teaching them to use any action that will free them from the abductor is a good way to prevent child abuse in a child abduction.

While child abuse and child abductions are two different things, they are closely related and likely to occur together. A parent's job is to protect their children and teaching them abuse prevention is one way to accomplish that.

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