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Be Informed About The Lies Used By Strangers to Lure Children

Lies Used By Strangers To Lure Children

Child predators try to lure children into their grasp by using several different stories to draw them in. These child lures will usually be used by kidnappers who fall into the kidnapper category of abduction by a stranger.

One of the most common child lures that a child predator will use is asking a child for help finding a missing pet. This is enticing to children since it involves both an animal and the chance to help accomplish something. Parents should make sure that their children know that refusing to help a stranger is not rude. This is also the case when a child predator asks a child to help with something.

Common child lures include requesting help to carry something to the car. Children should be made aware that adults should not be asking them for help with these types of things. If an adult needs help carrying something to a car, they should ask another adult for that help.

Another common lie used by child predators involve inventing an emergency. Child predators may lie to a child by telling them that a parent has been injured and a trip to the hospital is required. Since emergencies are filled with commotion and confusion, child predators will try to trick children into blindly following them. This is one of the most difficult child lures to overcome because a child is likely to panic in an emergency, especially one that involves a parent.

Parents should let their children know that in the event of a real emergency, a child should look for an authority figure like a police officer to help them. However, it should also be noted that child predators sometimes pretend to be authority figures to gain a child's trust.

Parents should never put their child's name on their clothing or personal belongings. This is because child lures used by child predators often involve the use of the child's name in a conversation. A child will be much more likely to trust someone who knows their name. A child should be taught that just because an individual knows their name does not mean that they know them.

There are many ways to find out a person's name. Child predators are likely to try to listen to a conversation that a child will have with another person to learn their name. Even walking behind a child for several minutes gives child predators the opportunity to learn their name.

While these are not the only child lures that child predators use, they are some of the most common. Educating children about dangerous environments will help protect them from these predators.

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