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Read This About International Legislation

International Legislation

The parents of the children that are sold into slavery are usually pro, not anti-human trafficking. In fact, these parents are usually the ones who sell their children. This will usually happen in poor countries since the parents are desperate for money.

While there is legislation against human trafficking, children are still subject to it in record numbers in poor countries. Statistically, the United States Government has estimated that anywhere from 700,000 to four million people are bought, sold and held against their will on a yearly basis.

Third world countries are not the only areas that have a problem with human trafficking. In the United States, an estimated 20,000 women and children are bought, sold and forced to come to America yearly. The Government is fighting back, though, with the help of anti-human trafficking organizations and the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

In 2003, former United States President George Bush signed a law to fight against human trafficking called the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act. This Act brought on several new anti-human trafficking programs, such as a toll-free national hotline that allows victims of human trafficking to be sent to a reputable organization in the victim's area that can help them immediately. Other resources to help fight against human trafficking include public awareness ads, such as television commercials and websites.

Many children are the victims of human trafficking that leads to forced prostitution, sexual slavery, illegal adoption, and forced labor.

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