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Your Easy Guide to Becoming a Foster Parent

Becoming A Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent is a long and arduous process. At times, it may be confusing and overwhelming. There are so many detailed aspects of the application process that require a great deal of attention. Therefore, it is essential that an individual who is considering becoming a foster parent obtain review all of the information that is relevant to fostering a child.

An individual should locate and attend a foster parent orientation so that they can gain valuable insight into the application process, as well as the responsibilities associated with fostering a child. Once an individual attends an orientation process, they can begin filing the application.

A prospective foster parent will be required to partake in a detailed, and sometimes invasive, home study. They will also need to complete a foster parent training program in order to ensure that they are prepared for fostering a child. Once they have completed all of these processes effectively, an individual may become a certified foster parent. Only then will a foster child be placed in their care.

Get the Information

Before an individual decides that they want to become a foster parent, it is essential that they review all of the relevant information pertaining to fostering a child and the application process. Becoming a foster parent is an extremely long and detailed process, and it should not be undertaken by anyone who is not earnestly prepared for the responsibilities of caring for a child.

There are many aspects of the application process that must be completed before an individual can be certified as a foster parent. It is extremely important that a prospective foster parent is aware of all of the information that they will be required to provide, as well as understand all of the procedures that they will need to undergo in order to become a certified foster parent.

Various organizations have been developed in order to assist in educating potential foster parents about becoming a becoming a foster parent. Each State has established departments that will provide individuals with the information that they need if they decide that they want to apply to become a foster parent.

Attend an Orientation/File Application

The first step to becoming a certified foster parent is to attend an orientation. These orientations are informational assemblies in which individuals can come and have their concerns addressed. Most states throughout the United States host foster parent orientations in order to provide individuals with the information that they need in order to successfully become a certified foster parent. Social workers and child protective services employees will attend these orientations in order to answer any questions that prospective foster parents may have.

Current foster parents may also attend these informational sessions so that potential foster parents can communicate with individuals who are currently experiencing the responsibilities, problems, conflicts, and satisfaction that they may soon be experiencing. These assemblies will explore various topics related to caring for a child in the foster system. Foster parent orientations provide prospective foster parents with the knowledge that they need in order to make an informed decision about their ability to foster a child and assist an individual in beginning the application process.

Home Study

An individual who is applying to become a foster parent may dread the home study. The home study is usually the most stressful and unpleasant aspect of the process of becoming a foster parent. It has the capability to confirm an individual's ability to adequately care for a child. Likewise, an unsuccessful home study may prevent an individual from becoming certified as a foster parent.

The home study will include a home investigation which will be conducted by a trained social worker. It is used in order to ensure that a potential foster parent can provide a child with a safe and nurturing environment to grow up in. The social worker will carry out interviews with family members, as well as a thorough investigation of the home, in order to ensure that it is secure and that there are no hazards for a child. Once the investigation is complete, the social worker will compile a home study report, which will detail all of their findings, as well as financial and medical information about a potential foster parent.


Each State within the United States requires a potential foster parent to complete a pre-certification training course. These foster parent training programs were designed in order to provide prospective foster parents with the knowledge and tools that they will need in order to confront the unique challenges they will be faced with while they are caring for a foster child.

An individual becomes a certified foster parent once they complete the application process, the home study, the required training, and they are approved by the State. Usually, a foster parent has to be re-certified every year. In most cases, this can be accomplished by enrolling in foster parent training programs for a designated number of hours.

Once an individual becomes a certified foster parent, a foster child will be placed in their care. There are various different types of foster care placement, which all vary in purpose and in duration. During a home study, an individual has the ability to specify the age and the gender of the child that they wish to care for.

The social worker who is conducting the home study will pay close attention to an individual’s lifestyle, hobbies, beliefs, and desires in order to ensure that a fitting foster placement is made. The social worker will do their best to place a foster child with a family who can meet their needs and will try to accommodate that family by finding a child that will fit their lifestyle. The social worker will seek to ensure that the placement is beneficial for everyone involved.

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