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Child Abuse Blogs You Should Know About


Many online blogs have been created in order to allow individuals to share the stories of child abuse with the world, as well as post information and events related to child abuse and neglect. The individual who has created and maintains the blog will provide regular updates with new child abuse stories and information.

One of the current blogs related to child abuse and neglect has been created by an individual named Darlene Barriere. She dedicates a great deal of time and energy to educating people about child abuse and violence.

As a child abuse survivor, she understands the importance of sharing genuine stories of child abuse with the world. Providing the public with access to other people's child abuse stories may help an individual who has suffered from abuse or neglect to realize that they are not alone. She updates the site daily with new stories of child abuse, recovery, treatment, and survival.

Many of the individuals who submit stories to this blog are young teenagers who are currently experiencing abuse or who have just escaped an abusive environment. As someone who has overcome the negative consequences of abuse, she provides these individuals with advice and recommendations.

The Child Abuse Survivor blog is another blog that offers readers with child abuse stories of survivors. It was created and is maintained by a male who has survived child abuse. This blog focuses primarily on the story of the blog creator and the problems that he is experiencing as an adult due to the abuse he experienced as a child.

It recounts his experience recovering from the effects of child abuse, which is a continuing process. He often rants about topics that annoy or frustrate him. He tries to keep the majority of these topics related to child abuse and neglect.

The Child Abuse Awareness Blog has been created in order to bring attention to the severity and the frequency of child abuse around the world. This blog focuses less on personal stories of child abuse and more on facts and information related to child abuse. The site creator updates the blog with current news related to child abuse and neglect.

One of the most popular child abuse blog sites is Carnival Against Child Abuse. This blog carnival was created in order to provide readers with information about physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and neglect. A blog carnival compiles the best blog post on a specific topic and reposts them in one location. This way the public has access to important blogs posts and information related to a specific topic.

The Carnival Against Child Abuse provides readers with access to child abuse stories, facts and information, and child abuse journals. Individuals can submit blog posts in categories including stories of child abuse survival, prevention, child abuse stories in the news, prevention, and treatment. This blog is a great way for an individual to become familiar with the causes and the effects of child abuse. It also provides victims with the ability to read another individual’s stories of child abuse.

Often, children and teenagers who are suffering from abuse feel ashamed, guilty, and alone. Knowing that another individual has experienced the same thing that they have may give them the courage to talk about what is happening to them and to get the help that they need.

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