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What You Need to Know About Breaking the Cycle

Breaking The Cycle

There are many resources that individuals can use in order to prevent child abuse and end the cycle of violence and suffering. Many individuals who have experienced abuse will seek professional counseling in order to assist them with coping with the effects of abuse.

If an individual does not receive therapy or some other form of treatment for the abuse that they have experienced, they may be more likely to subject their children to abuse for a variety of reasons. Parents may choose to enlist the help of parenting education classes in order to teach them positive parenting skills and effective methods of discipline.

Parental education is an extremely important resource that can be used in order to help prevent child abuse from occurring. It is easy for a parent to become angry and frustrated when their child misbehaves or disobeys them. However, due to the frustration that they experience, many parents will resort to aggressive forms of discipline.

Many individuals who have been subjected to abuse as a child have seen their abuser go unpunished and receive the benefit of maintaining power and control. In instances such as this, an individual who was abused as a child may have learned that resorting to abuse is a way to achieve control without negative repercussions.

An individual who has been abused may also maintain the detrimental psychological and emotional effects of abuse into adulthood. Because of this, an individual may experience extreme depression or a feeling of worthlessness.

People who are suffering from these negative self-perceptions and harmful psychological disorders may become indifferent to their child. Therefore, the parent may subject their child to neglect or abuse. In order to end this cycle, an individual who has been abused should seek treatment for the abuse and may choose to take positive parenting classes.

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