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Important Facts About Child Abuse Articles

Child Abuse Articles

Child abuse articles are produced in a variety of different formats and may include both news articles and academic articles. An academic child abuse article seeks to inform individuals about factual information related to the causes, effects, and treatment of child abuse, as well as research related to abuse and neglect. On the other hand, news articles provide individuals with examples and stories of child abuse that are occurring around the country.

A frightening number of child abuse articles can be found online or in daily newspapers. These articles usually tell the stories of children who have been killed as a result of physical abuse or severe neglect, as well as the motives of the individual responsible for the abuse and the punishment that they will receive as a result of their actions.

Many child abuse articles and news stories regarding child maltreatment are publicized every day. These sources of news provide individuals with real life examples of the consequences of child abuse and neglect. Child abuse articles have become so numerous that newspapers, such as The New York Times, have created online pages dedicated specifically to articles related to abuse and neglect.

In a time span of five days, The New York Times has published four different articles related to the physical and sexual abuse of children. Many of these child abuse articles have headlines indicating that a parent, a doctor, or priests have subjected children to excessive abuse, and permanent psychological harm. These articles indicate that anyone is capable of harming a child.

An academic child abuse article may not be published as frequently as a news article. However academic articles are just as important and they provide individuals and professionals with valuable information. The International Child Abuse Network publishes a variety of child abuse articles online so that individuals all over the world can have access to them and gain valuable information about child abuse and neglect.

One very valuable child abuse article is Invisible Scars, by Dr. Stacy Becker. Dr. Becker is a clinical psychologist who has a great deal of experience working with individuals who have been subjected to abuse as children. Her article combines the experiences of numerous patients in order to illustrate the negative effects on emotional and psychological abuse.

This type of abuse often goes unnoticed and unreported. However, emotional abuse can have long term social and psychological consequences for an individual and it may affect their actions and decisions in the future.

Dr. Tamar Cohen wrote a child abuse article entitled Risk Factors and Determinants of Child Maltreatment. This article details the risk factors that may increase the likelihood that child abuse will occur. Understanding the causes and the risk factors of child abuse may assist individuals in the prevention of child abuse.

The International Child Abuse Network allows individuals to submit child abuse articles to their website for review, and the Network may publish these articles online. If an individual wishes to submit their child abuse article to the International Child Abuse Network, there are specifications for submission available online at their website.

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