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Statistics Linking Child Abuse and Later Criminality

Statistics Linking Child Abuse And Later Criminality

Those who have been subjected to child abuse or neglect often subject their own children to abuse through physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. They often feel that it is very important to maintain control over their environment.

It allows them to feel secure and safe. An individual who is committing a criminal act is disregarding what someone else is telling them is wrong. Although an action may be condemned, an individual who has suffered from abuse may choose to disregard the law. They may view this as a means of doing what they want to do and maintaining control over their own actions and their own lives.

Child abuse affects both men and women and may cause both men and women to act out. Studies have shown that over one quarter of the women who are incarcerated in the United States have suffered from abuse and neglect as children. The same study indicated that the instance of child abuse in male prison inmates was about half of what it was for female inmates.

Research has indicated that without child abuse intervention, a child will be much more likely to take part in criminal activities later in their lives. Child abuse intervention is required in order to control and assist with the negative child abuse effects, such as criminality.

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