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All You Need to Know About The Child Abuse Statistic

Child Abuse Statistic

Child abuse statistics indicate that over one thousand children suffer from Shaken Baby Syndrome every year due to forceful shaking or throwing. The effects of this abusive act are very detrimental to a child's health and development. Statistics on child abuse show that over half of the children that are exposed to this type of abuse experience severe, irreversible disabilities. The injuries that a child will sustain from forceful shaking may include a condition known as Cerebral Palsy, as well as paralysis, blindness, and loss of hearing.

Child abuse statistics indicate that more than a quarter of the children who experience Shaken Baby Syndrome will die as a result of the extensive injuries that they sustain. Very few infants who have been subjected to this type of abuse and survive it, experience lifelong physical damage. Statistics on child abuse show that children who are under six months of age are most susceptible to Shaken Baby Syndrome, and it occurs much less frequently to children who are over two years old.

Child abuse statistics illustrate that over a quarter of the infants that are suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome are not diagnosed correctly because the symptoms and signs of this syndrome may resemble the symptoms of other diseases. Statistics on child abuse have found that billions of dollars are spent every year in order to care for the victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome, as well as to assist their families. One emergency room visit can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Within a few years, one child suffering from the effects of this abuse may require millions of dollars’ worth of care and treatment.

Statistics on child abuse indicate that Shaken Baby Syndrome crosses all racial, socioeconomic, and gender barriers. An individual who is responsible for subjecting a child to this type of abuse, as well as the child who has suffered from it, may be of any class, race, ethnicity, or sex. Anyone can become frustrated with a child and resort to aggressive methods to quiet them.

Child abuse statistics show that over half of the individuals who are responsible for violently shaking a child are one of the infant's parents. This is most likely because a child's parents spend the most time with the child. They are with the infant every day for the majority of the day, and they may become annoyed and frustrated because they do not receive a break from a crying child. A parent has little time to relax when they are caring for an infant.

Statistics on child abuse show that, next to a child's parents, a mother's boyfriend or another non-relative are most frequently responsible for forcefully shaking a child. About three quarters of the individuals who subject a child to Shaken Baby Syndrome are male. These individuals may be the father of the child, a mother's boyfriend, or one of the child's male relatives.

Child abuse statistics also indicate that male infants are slightly more likely to experience violent shaking than female children. The statistics on child abuse, and the facts regarding Shaken Baby Syndrome, help to illustrate the severity of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Education is essential for preventing this fatal syndrome.

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