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Understand The Consequences of Neglect

Consequences Of Neglect

Child abuse research indicates that a parent or a guardian who is subjecting their child to one form of neglect is usually failing to meet many of the child's needs. They will not be neglecting a child in just one way; they will be taking part in numerous forms of neglect. This is very detrimental to a child's physical and emotional development.

If a child is not being provided with an adequate amount of food and does not have access to medical care, the child may become very ill. The child may suffer from severe deformities and diseases, and in many cases, the child will die.

Child abuse and neglect statistics also show that parents who are responsible for neglecting their children are unlikely to change their habits. Parents who take part in other forms of abuse may seek help in order to alter and change their behavior. Individuals who subject a child to neglect are unlikely to do this. If a family encompasses multiple children, it is likely that all of the children in the family will be suffering from neglect.

Child abuse research indicates that girls who suffer from neglect are more likely to become pregnant as teenagers. They are also more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Child abuse and neglect statistics show that children who have experienced abuse or neglect are much more likely to commit crimes and will subject their own children to abuse and neglect.

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