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International Child Abuse Network

International Child Abuse Network

The International Child Abuse Network functions with one mission: to help stop child abuse and end the cycle of abuse world wide. This Network is the primary supplier of child abuse information to individuals, professionals, and organizations around the world. The International Child Abuse Network distributes professional publications with information regarding child abuse facts and statistics, how to recognize and report child abuse, and parenting tips. These educational documents are available in a variety of different languages so that they are accessible to people all over the globe.

Currently, the Network is in the process of developing a free, international hotline in order to help stop child abuse. This hotline will be available to refer children to locations or professionals where they can receive help. It will provide teenagers with access to a crisis counselor and will make an information center available to callers. Once this hotline is established, it will use modern interpretation technology so that the counselors will have the ability to use over 150 different languages. It will be available for contact twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Currently, the International Child Abuse Network provides individuals with access to information regarding physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect. It has developed a popularly recognized definition of child abuse, which they have created using the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act and the Keeping Children and Families Safe Act. They provide readers with a wide range of data on international child abuse statistics.

The Network also supplies individuals with extensive information on how and where to report suspected child abuse so that they may effectively help stop child abuse. People who choose to visit the International Child Abuse Network online will have access to academic articles related to child abuse, how to recognize child abuse, and the negative social, psychological, emotional, and physical effects of abuse and neglect. They also allow individuals to submit their own articles to the Network for review.

The Network regularly updates news stories related to international child abuse and neglect, as well as provides people with information about fundraisers and events. The International Child Abuse Network has also established an online art gallery, in which victims of child abuse can submit creative methods of expression such as drawings and poetry.

The Network provides individuals with various opportunities to help stop child abuse. They encourage child abuse professionals to submit articles or posts to their professional online forum, and they also encourage child abuse victims and survivors to submit their stories to the Network's peer forum. Information and guidelines regarding submission can be found online.

An individual who wishes to help stop child abuse can choose to volunteer with this organization. Since the Network is a non-profit organization, it relies heavily on donations from the public. Individuals who wish to help support the Network's cause can find information about making donations to the organization online. These donations will help the organization to continue their work and protect children around the world.

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