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National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

National Center On Shaken Baby Syndrome

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome is the only organization in the world that is dedicated solely to the study and research of, as well as the education about, Shaken Baby Syndrome. The Center is a Utah-based, non-profit organization which was established in 1990. The Center is focused on providing both parents and medical professionals with the tools that they need in order to help prevent trauma caused by shaking an infant.

The Center is responsible for participating in, or hosting, the world's largest and most comprehensive conferences on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Hundreds of professionals concerned with the detrimental physical consequences of shaking an infant gather at these conferences to learn about current research and prevention methods regarding the syndrome. The Center is also responsible for creating a variety of beneficial programs.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome has created many different programs that are aimed at preventing this type of abuse, as well as educating both professionals and parents about the injuries that a shaken baby will sustain. The newest program that has been developed by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome is a program that is aimed at educating new fathers.

The program focuses on teaching fathers effective skills required for caring for an infant. The program will also teach fathers about the causes and the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome, as well as effective means of managing stress so that they do not resort to violence or aggression.

The Center has established many hospital-based programs that are aimed at educating nurses and doctors about all of the essential information related to Shaken Baby Syndrome. This education will give these health professionals the proper tools to educate new parents about the consequences of shaking an infant. Hospital-based education programs have greatly decreased the instance of Shaken Baby Syndrome throughout the last few years.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome also seeks to educate adolescents who are enrolled in grades 7-12. The young adults who are currently receiving a secondary education are the individuals who will most likely be responsible for babysitting children. They may go on to be child care professionals and one day they may be parents. Educating young adults about the cause and the effects of Shaken Baby Syndrome may prevent them from subjecting a child to harm while the infant is in their care.

The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome also distributes DVDs and booklets that are intended to teach parents about the reasons that infants take part in normal crying. Many scientists have spent years researching crying in infants. The Period of Purple Crying programs seeks to educate new parents on this research, as well as give them advice regarding how to cope with infant crying so that they do not resort to violence.

The Center has established a military program that is focused on teaching individuals who are serving in the military how to stay in contact with their child while they are away and how to cope with the stresses of their lifestyle. The National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome is making large strides in the education and the prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

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