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Knowing The Recent News

Recent News

The International Child Abuse Network provides current child abuse news online. They update it with new stories every day in order to ensure that individuals around the globe are up to date on recent child abuse news.

One child abuse story, entitled Child Sex Abuse Arrests on the Rise, details the increase in molestation charges in New South Wales, Australia over the last five years. The New South Wales law enforcement agency has documented a tripling in sexual abuse arrests ever since 2004. While five years ago they made over one hundred arrests, last year the Department made over four hundred arrests.

The New South Wales police attribute the large number of arrests to the increase in technology. Law enforcement agencies now have new interviewing techniques and DNA analysis in order to help them catch the individuals who are responsible for subjecting children to sexual abuse.

Child abuse news often provides information about upcoming events and fundraisers. For example, one recent and uplifting child abuse story informs readers about a child abuse fundraiser that will take place in Malaysia. In April 2010, numerous individuals will climb Mount Kinabalu in an effort to increase awareness about child abuse and to raise money that will be used towards child protection and abuse prevention programs.

One of the individuals who will make this climb is 25-year-old Melvin Tong, who had his leg amputated eight years ago due to a tumor. It is the first time that he will climb a mountain and he will do it on crutches because he believes that child abuse is something that needs immediate international attention.

Another recent child abuse story comes out of Britain, where the current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, made a public apology to the British children who were subjected to the child migrant program. The child migrant program, which sought to supply British colonies with a strong group of white workers and provide children with new opportunities, was in place between the 1920s and the 1960s.

During these years, well over 100,000 British children were sent to British colonies, such as Australia. Instead of receiving the new start and the fresh opportunities that they were promised, many of these children were handed over to institutions in which they experienced extensive sexual and physical abuse. A great deal of these children were also forced into agricultural labor or required to work long and arduous hours in hazardous conditions. This child abuse story also communicates the Prime Minister's intention to establish a 9.2 million dollar fund for the purpose of reuniting families that were separated due to this program.

Today, some of the most common stories found in child abuse news relate to a continuously growing sexual abuse scandal. Over the past few years, hundreds of Roman Catholic clergymen have been convicted of subjecting children to sexual abuse. The scandal first gained attention in the United States and Ireland. However, it has affected many other countries around the world. It seems that a new child abuse story related to the Catholic sexual abuse scandal is published every week. Staying up to date on these stories, as well as on all other child abuse news, will help individuals to understand the severity and frequency of this pandemic.

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