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Read This Required Information About Child Abuse

Required Information

Child abuse policy requires that the individual reporting the alleged child abuse to specify the relationship between the child and the individual who is subjecting the child to abuse. The person who is reporting the abuse will need to inform the child abuse prevention services about the nature of the abuse that is taking place. They will need to inform the authorities whether the abuse is physical, psychological.

If the reporter of the abuse is unsure of this information, but has reason to suspect that a child is suffering from abuse, the individual should contact the local authorities anyway. The more information that an individual can provide about a child, the child's abuser, and the nature of the abuse, the more prepared that the child abuse prevention services will be to handle the case.

Child abuse policy does not require ordinary citizens who are reporting abuse to provide information about themselves. They may contact the national or statewide abuse hotline, or their local law enforcement agency, and remain anonymous. However, providing the authorities with information about yourself may be beneficial to the child, as the individual who was responsible for reporting the abuse may become pertinent in the future of the case.

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