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Ill equipped Parents At A Glance

Risk Factors That Lead To Abuse

One common cause of child abuse is that a child's parents are simply unfit or unprepared for parenthood. They may be financially unprepared to raise a child. A child may be born to parents who suffer from drug or alcohol addictions and are unable to properly care for a child. In other cases, a child may be born to a very young parent that is not ready to cope with the physical, emotional and economic stresses of raising a child. All of these frustrations and stresses may lead one or both of a child's parents to take part in physical abuse, emotional abuse or neglect.

Another cause of child abuse is when a family is of a low socioeconomic status. An individual who makes a small income is not necessarily unfit to be a parent. However, they are unprepared for the economic stresses of raising children.

Child abuse occurs in all varieties of families from all socioeconomic standings. However, child abuse statistics indicate that suspected child abuse often occurs in poor families. There is a strong correlation between child abuse and low income families. This is often due to the stress of everyday expenses and providing the child with necessities. A child who is born into a poor family is more likely to suffer from neglect. This may because a parent is unable to afford a babysitter while they run errands or go to work. A child in a poor family is also more likely to be denied medical treatment and dental care.

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