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All You Should Know About Pregnancy & Birth Governing Laws

Pregnancy Birth

The laws regarding the pregnancy of a minor and child parenting may seem vague or confusing. Many people believe that if a minor becomes pregnant.

Child parenting laws vary from State to State, but generally a minor who is pregnant receives rights that most minors do not have. For example, a minor who is pregnant will be able to agree to medical treatment for both herself and her child. A pregnant minor can consent to an abortion, or a legal guardian for her child. In some cases a teen parent may be eligible to have child care paid for by the Government so that they are able to attend school or work.

If a pregnant minor can convince a judge that she is able to financially support both herself and her child, then she may try to petition the court for a legal emancipation. However, although a pregnant minor may receive more rights than most minors, they are not legally emancipated.

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