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Easiest Way to Recognize Sexual Abuse Warning Signs

Child Sexual Abuse

It is not possible to look at an individual and determine whether or not they have or will take part in child sexual abuse. However, there are some behaviors that an adult may partake in that may act as an indicator that a parent should be wary of this individual. For example, an adult who demands to be left alone with a child or constantly seeks undisturbed time with a child may be engaging in child sexual abuse.

An individual who is responsible for molestation may be unusually interested in a child's body or the way in which a child is developing. They may offer to watch the child for the day or overnight for no charge. An individual who is subjecting a child to child sexual abuse may give the child money or provide the child with costly presents for no specific occasion.

Of course, just because an individual is displaying this behavior does not necessarily mean that they are responsible for child molestation. However, if a parent or guardian notices that an adult is paying an unusual amount of attention to a child and generally has an uncomfortable feeling about a person, then the parent or guardian should be wary of that individual and keep an eye on them. A child who has experienced child sexual abuse may display physical and emotional indicators that the abuse has occurred.

A child who has been subjected to molestation may experience a change in appetite and may have sudden mood changes. They may also become extremely uncomfortable with the normal physical contact that takes place between family and friends. A child who is suffering from child sexual abuse may show an inappropriate amount of knowledge related to sex and sexual activities.

They may use dolls or toys in order to imitate sex. A child who has experienced this form of abuse may also display inappropriate displays of affection to peers and friends. They may demonstrate fear and anxiety about going to a certain place or being alone with a specific person.

A child who has suffered from molestation may also exhibit physical injury as a result of the abuse. They may complain of pain in their stomach or around their genitalia. They may also complain about frequent sore throats. A child who has been a victim of child sexual abuse may experience painful urination and may have trouble controlling their urination due to urinary tract infections. If a child displays any of the warning signs of sexual abuse or molestation, it is essential to report the abuse.

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