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All You Need to Know About Agencies


Many child abuse agencies have been developed in order to educate individuals and professionals about updated child abuse information and child abuse prevention techniques.

Childhelp is a nationally recognized, non-profit child abuse agency that seeks to provide victims of child abuse with the physical and emotional assistance that they need in order to overcome the consequences of physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect. This child abuse agency puts a great deal of time, energy, and money into the prevention and treatment of child abuse around the country.

Childhelp is responsible for establishing a national child abuse hotline, in which victims of abuse, or individuals who suspect that abuse is occurring, can speak with a trained counselor about their concerns. The hotline is not considered to be a reporting hotline. However, if an individual is not sure who they should contact they can call the Childhelp child abuse agency and a counselor will reconnect them to the proper authorities. Individuals can also contact this hotline for advice and assistance with matters related to child abuse or neglect.

This child abuse agency has also developed a program called Good Touch, Bad Touch, which teaches elementary school children about child abuse and safety. Topics that the program covers include all forms of child abuse, sexual harassment, rules about speaking with strangers, and how to remain safe on the internet.

Childhelp has also established five child advocacy centers, in which professionals from various disciplines come together to provide child abuse victims with help and the treatment that they need. The teams that work at these advocacy centers include individuals who work in child protective services, health and medicine, and law enforcement.

Childhelp is one of the child abuse agencies that rely on public donations in order to continue providing child abuse victims with the physical, emotional, social, and psychological help that they need in order to overcome the negative consequences of abuse and neglect.

Another one of the popular child abuse agencies in the United States is Prevent Child Abuse America. It was first established in 1972, and today it has chapters located all over the country. It focuses on educating the public in order to increase awareness of child abuse and neglect. This child abuse agency teaches individuals and professionals about the causes and the consequences of child abuse, as well as effective methods of preventing child abuse.

Prevent Child Abuse America is one of the child abuse agencies that places priority on continuing research in order to add to the current knowledge related to child abuse and neglect. This research is utilized in order to help prevent children from experiencing physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect.

They also provide professionals and individuals with publications of up-to-date child abuse information, as well as tips for positive parenting and preventing abuse. Although child abuse still exists and further attention needs to be focused on this epidemic, child abuse agencies have made a huge impact on preventing child abuse in the United States.

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