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What Are The Difficulties in Adoption

Difficulties In Adoption

There are various difficulties and complications that are associated with foster care adoption. Children removed to foster care may have been subjected to physical violence or emotional damage. In some cases, these children were denied access to basic necessities, such as food, water, and clean clothing. They were betrayed by the people that should have loved and cared for them the most.

It is essential to understand that many of the children who are available for foster care adoption maintain severe and long term effects of the abuse that they experienced. Child abuse and neglect often has an adverse effect on the psychological, emotional, and social development of a child. A child who has been exposed to any of the various forms of child abuse may suffer from psychological, emotional, and behavioral disorders. The child may experience extreme depression and low self-esteem.

Many children who are available for foster care adoption are suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorderas a result of the abuse or the neglect to which they were subjected. This severe psychological disorder will prevent a child from establishing meaningful relationships or emotional bonds with an adoptive parent or a caregiver. A child who is suffering from the adverse effects of child abuse will need to be provided with access to therapy and counseling in order to overcome their traumatic experiences. Many of the children who are available for foster are adoption have physical or mental disabilities that require frequent medical treatment.

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