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What Are The Reform Efforts and Groups

Reform Efforts And Groups

Foster care reform efforts and groups have been active in the United States for many years. Foster reform groups became most active in the 1970s, which lead to an on-going series of reforms in the foster care. National Coalition for Child Protection Reform addresses abandonment, neglect, or abuse by individuals who victimize children in foster care. Their efforts were instrumental in reforming foster care in Texas and Maine. Coalition members have more than one thousand years of collective experience dealing with family courts in resolving issues related to the foster care or adoption.

An organization that focuses on the parents is the National Voice for Foster Parents. This non-profit seeks to inform foster parents about the resources, knowledge, and resources that are available to them when providing care to the children for whom they have assumed at least temporary responsibility of providing care. Many of the members of the organization are themselves foster parents, and as such, are able to provide information that is grounded in their own experience.

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