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National Guardianship Association

National Guardianship Association

The National Guardianship Association is an organization that is aimed at educating and informing individuals on how to become an excellent legal guardian. The National Guardianship Association charges $50 for an annual membership in their organization. They urge any individual who is considering becoming a legal guardian to join the National Guardianship Association, as they provide members with valuable resources and information.

Members of the organization will receive a newsletter every three months that will outline and explain any new and essential information pertaining to legal guardianship. Members of the National Guardianship Association will also receive discounts on the fee for the annual conference which they host.

This conference is a large convention which brings together legal and professional guardians in order to discuss issues and developments related to legal guardianship. It will allow members to ask questions and receive answers from guardian professionals. It will also give members the ability to meet and connect with families who are experiencing similar situations.

The National Guardianship Association provides members with access to a variety of different resources that supply information regarding all areas of guardianship. Becoming a member of this organization will grant access to the many publications that the association releases. These include the Model Code of Ethics for Guardians and the Standards of Practice for Guardians, which outline the proper conduct of a legal guardian. Members are also able to purchase brochures that explain the rights and the responsibilities of becoming a guardian.

Members will receive discounts on any of the publications that they purchase from the National Guardianship Association. For example, for members a packet of brochures is only $5, while it a packet is $15 for non-members. They also offer publications on how to start a guardianship practice, the fundamentals of guardianship, and culture and religious diversity. The organization provides up-to-date news related to guardianship. They also provide a calendar of events, which includes conferences all over the United States throughout the year.

In 1994, the National Guardianship Association assisted in the creation of the Center for Guardianship Certification. It allows guardians to take part in exams and receive a national certificate stating their competency and excellence as a guardian. This illustrates that they are aware of policies and procedures related to being a guardian and that they are prepared for the responsibility that comes along with the task.

The National Guardianship Association provides information about exam review classes that can be taken in order to succeed on the certification exam. Most of the review classes are separated into four different sections, each focusing on specific guardian topics and issues. Therefore, if you feel you only need to review for one aspect of the certification exam, you will only need to register for one of the review classes.

The National Guardianship Association provides individuals with the resources, information and education that they need in order to be a successful legal guardian. The organization will also assist you in locating a professional guardian located near you.

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