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Make Sure You Know The Reasons For Less Social Concern

Reasons For Less Social Concern

With nearly half of all children in the United States being born out of wedlock, an unmarried mother is nearly as common as married one. As the number of women giving birth to children out of wedlock increases, so does the acceptance that society shows towards them.

In 1960, only about 5 percent of the children in America were born out of wedlock. Mothers who had their children out of wedlock were rejected by society. That has changed dramatically for several reasons. While many politicians still hold to the belief that the breakdown of the nuclear family unit is one factor of America's disintegrating society, a large percentage of the American public has no problem with women who have their children out of wedlock.

One reason is that economically, women are more successful than ever before, making it possible for them to raise children without a partner to help financially. Many of these women have put childbearing on hold while they aggressively pursued their career goals. When they do want children, they may not have a serious partner with whom to realize their dream. As a result, they may decide to conceive on their own, whether with a sperm donor or a friend.

While most people still feel that children are better off in a two-parent household, just as many are deciding that upbringing and general environment is key factors in a child's well being whether or not they are born out of wedlock. There have been many studies done on the matter.

Some of these studies have connected later social problems in a child's life with being born out of wedlock or in a single family home. However, the connection is not thought to be directly related to a single-parent household, whether or not the child was born out of wedlock.

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