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Paternity Rights Political Groups Pushing For Reform

Paternity Rights

There are many men and women that feel that men are not getting the paternity rights that they deserve. They feel that being a child's father is equally as important as being a child's mother so society should treat the matter as such. This points to the paternity rights that men should be granted by their State governments and employers.

Throughout the years, there has been a constant struggle to see that men get the paternity rights that they need, but they have undergone some hurdles along the way. Oftentimes, when males finally do reach their paternity rights goals and are offered paternity leave, they are often met with an equally devastating challenge. Many men are confronted by the fact that they will often receive no payment during their time of leave.

So once they reach the point where their paternity rights have been met and paternity leave is granted, they are then hit with the harsh blow of deciding if they are going to be able to take the paternity leave at all. This is because men are not usually granted pay for their time of leave. Until the extent of the paternity rights are completely sufficed, the movement for paternity rights will continue to march on.

One of the primary focuses of the political groups that are pushing for paternity rights reform is for the Government to establish paid family leave for fathers all over the country. These political groups want the Government to realize that the birth of a new child is a family circumstance in which all members must be able to offer their support. So this means that these fathers should be able to take paid family leave when a new child is born or adopted. A father should not feel as though they have to make a decision between a job and their child. With paid family leave, men would not be placed in this predicament of a choice.

Paid family leave being established for fathers will allow men to be able to offer their children their very best, both emotionally and financially. Paid family leave seems to be the way that many fathers are able to take a paternity leave so that they are able to bond with their children during the first stages of birth. The bond that is created during the first stages of life influences the bond that will develop until the day that they do part.

Most of the members that belong to these political paternity rights groups are fathers who want the law to reflect the needs of a father in such paternity rights as paternity leave. Most of these groups have influenced the discussion for the Government and employers to offer paternity leave, but the battle is still not won in terms of receiving paid family leave.

In efforts to tackle this feat, groups are taking the initiative to raise awareness about paid family leave. Education about paid family leave seems to be one of the first major steps that can be taken at this point. The hope is that the public awareness of paid family leave will influence legal discussions, and these legal discussions will lead to legal policy.

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