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Quick Outline of the Legal Indications

Legal Indications

After paternity testing and test results revealing a child's biological father, the paternity test results are essential to making the necessary confirmations in order to ensure that both parents are contributing to the support of their child. Once the paternity testing confirms paternity, both that child's mother and father can turn to the legal system if either of them would like for the court to address any element of ongoing child support.

Paternity test results are going to be extremely important to those that have had a previous doubt as to the paternity of a child, but it has been established through paternity testing. If paternity testing has been administered, those doubts are liable to make their way to the courtroom if there is ever a legal judgment that is pursued concerning that child.

Nevertheless, if paternity testing has been conducted and the paternity test results have revealed the biological father, that mother or father has the legal right to count on those paternity test results in court. In turn, the paternity testing will be instrumental in making sure that the legal rights of each parent stands up in a court of law.

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