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What You Need to Know About The Types of Home Tests

Types Of Home Tests

There are a few different types of home paternity tests. One type of home paternity test that is an option for at home testing is a semen and sperm home paternity test. For cases where semen or sperm are the only genetic evidence that is available, it is possible to use this type of test to determine paternity.

Identigene was added to the shelves of pharmacies on March 30, 2008. Identigene is a swab DNA paternity test that is available for home use without having to purchase the product from the Internet. The process is the same as the solely online accessible tests, in which after taking the home swab DNA test, the kit is mailed to a laboratory. From there, the results are available within three to five days after test submission through e-mail notification, over the phone, or by mail.

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