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What are the US Testing Guidelines

Us Testing Guidelines

Aside from having AABB accreditation, there are certain measures according to the U.S. testing guidelines in order to make a paternity test a legal paternity test. One measure that should be taken after the paternity test is administered is to carry out the chain of custody documentation process.

The documentation that the person taking the paternity test will be responsible for during this process is the completion of the Client Identification and Consent Form. One of the most crucial aspects of this documentation process is for a legal guardian to establish:

The testing samples were collected by a third party,

The results were deemed positive, and

The DNA samples were carefully tracked throughout the entire process.

Another measure of action that is essential to ensuring that a paternity test meets the guidelines to be considered a legal paternity test is to be sure to have the test notarized. The paternity test should be properly certified in order to truly stand up in a court of law.

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