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Commercialization Option


Although some intended parents are able to find an altruistic surrogate among family and friends, both parties often feel that there should be some sort of compensation. However, when states forbid commercial surrogacy, they also hold such contracts null and void. This can cause issues of custody and even result in criminal sanctions. Commercial surrogacy in other countries also permits non-traditional intended parents the right to have a surrogate baby.

While commercial surrogacy is somewhat allowed in some states, it is often very expensive. While the United States may have a better quality of healthcare, the costs associated with surrogacy can make it prohibitive to some intended parents. However, commercial surrogacy in other countries may be a much more affordable option.

In many ways, international surrogacy helps to promote medical advancements in those countries that allow surrogacy. The money paid to doctors and hospitals helps them afford better equipment. In addition, they are likely to learn a lot from the process of surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy also helps the economies of countries that allow it. Monies paid to doctors and surrogates enter that country's economy and can help advance medical care.

International surrogacy has provided more options for intended parents. It is generally more affordable, and therefore, makes it an option for more intended parents. In addition, it can provide a boost to economies and healthcare in countries that desperately need assistance.

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