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Many who intend to parent a surrogate child choose to use international surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy in the United States can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Intended parents that have insurance may find the cost of surrogacy reduced. However, in most cases, insurance will not pay for surrogacy. Intended parents should speak with their local surrogate agency to better gauge the cost of surrogacy both locally and abroad.

When comparing the cost of surrogacy, intended parents should check what is included in those costs. A benefit of choosing Guatemala for international surrogacy is that it is fairly close to the United States.

While there may be many other countries that offer low cost surrogacy options, some of them are located further away from the United States. The relative proximity of Guatemala is an added benefit. Travel will be cheaper and quicker for intended parents. In addition, intended parents are closer should any complications arise.

Surrogacy is Guatemala is open to everyone regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. In addition, the cost of surrogacy in Guatemala is much lower than in the United States. By utilizing a surrogacy agency, intended parents can find the process to be very simple and inexpensive. While there are no guarantees in surrogacy, the cost of multiple attempts is significantly lower in Guatemala.

Intended parents may wish to find a local surrogate agency to help them work with a surrogate mother in Guatemala. By having a local agency, intended parents can have easy access to those in charge of the surrogacy contract and can easily be updated as to any progress made.

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