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Understanding Legal Determination

Legal Determination

There can be many legal difficulties encountered when intended parents choose international surrogacy. First and foremost, intended parents will want to find out whose names will be listed on the birth certificate. If the surrogate mother’s name will be listed, intended parents may encounter several difficulties. In some cases, they may have to legally adopt the child.

International surrogacy can be rather complicated. However, any surrogacy process is complicated, and intended parents should expect to encounter some legal difficulties along the way. Intended parents should do a cost-benefit analysis when comparing international and local surrogacy. They must take travel, medical and agency costs into account.

In addition, intended parents must consider all legal ramifications involved in surrogacy. When choosing international surrogacy, intended parents have additional legal complications to consider, such as residency and birth certificates. However, intended parents will often experience more liberal laws in countries that allow international surrogacy.

International surrogacy provides many options to people whom would otherwise be unable to obtain a surrogate baby. For example, there are no states that explicitly allow members of the LGBT community to undergo gay surrogacy.

Surrogacy presents many legal issues for intended parents and surrogate mothers. If, however, intended parents find that their needs cannot be met by local surrogacy, many will turn to international surrogacy. In many cases, international surrogacy is a low cost option for intended parents that would not legally be able to have a surrogate baby in the United States.

As long as intended parents carefully consider all legal ramifications, international surrogacy can help them start a family.

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