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What You Should Know About The Opposition Against LGBT Surrogacy

Opposition Lgbt Surrogacy

When intended parents in the LGBT community begin looking for a surrogate, they are likely to encounter many forms of opposition. This opposition may even be from family and friends. However, they are more likely to encounter opposition from agencies while looking for a surrogate. In addition, the most complicated and damaging opposition may be found in State laws.

When LGBT individuals who intend to become parents attempt to have a surrogate baby, they are likely to experience bias from those around them. Opposition can even be seen among those who otherwise support the LGBT community. There are some who believe that the right of parenthood should not extend to the LGBT community. Many people believe that parents should be a married couple.

Unfortunately, intended parents must also consider the opposition that the child will experience in their community. For example, they may have difficulties in school and in playgroups because they have non-traditional parents. In addition, schools may not recognize the parental rights of both intended parents.

For instance, they may not allow both parents the right to take their child home from school. This can provide additional legal complications for the intended parents. However, society finally seems to be becoming more accepting of all parents as long as they are loving and caring.

LGBT couples must realize that they are more likely to experience legal opposition to their rights regarding a surrogate baby. Although LGBT couples are likely to encounter opposition throughout the process, they can allow that opposition to bring them closer together as a family.

The family bond can be made stronger by having common goals and belief systems. By fighting for their rights regarding parenthood, LGBT couples fight for all of their rights and allow society to consider them as equals.

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