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Read The Implications of Surrogacy Beforehand

Implications Of Surrogacy

There are many medical implications of surrogacy for surrogate moms and for the intended parents. The families of each party involved should also be considered when pondering the medical implications of surrogacy. For the surrogate mom, there are medical considerations before, during and after the pregnancy. Every surrogate mom should be sure that she discusses any concerns with her doctor, her family and with the couple.

To start the process of becoming a surrogate mom, the woman must submit to many medical and psychological tests. While it can be stressful to submit to such tests, the surrogate mom is now assured that the possibility of pregnancy-related complications have been greatly reduced.

Like any medical procedure, doctors cannot guarantee the health of those involved in the procedures associated with surrogacy. However, a surrogate mom is most certainly going to undergo much more extensive testing than most mothers do before they become pregnant.

Becoming a surrogate mom has become much safer and more effective due to medical advancements. These days, doctors better understand the medical implications of all procedures involved in achieving pregnancy through surrogacy.

One medical consideration involved in becoming a surrogate mom is the side effects associated with medication that is used to prepare the body for pregnancy. In addition, when pregnancy complications do arise, there are sometimes medications involved. An unfortunate reality is that surrogate moms sometimes have an unsuccessful pregnancy. In certain cases, there are added procedures or medications indicated should it become necessary for the surrogate mom to expel the fetus.

There are also complications that can arise during the birthing process. Even the most healthy woman can have unforeseen complications during birth. If a C-section becomes necessary, the surrogate mom's chance of complications increases. Surrogate moms also give birth to multiple babies with some level of frequency. The frequency of medical complications for both the surrogate mom and the babies rises with multiple births.

In some circumstances, complications from birth will eliminate the possibility that the surrogate mom will ever be able to conceive again. This possibility should be confronted head on if one is considering surrogacy. It may be advised that a woman does not become a surrogate mom unless she is sure that she does not wish to have any more children of her own.

The choice to become a surrogate mom carries with it the possibility of having to confront some level of medical complications. Surrogate moms will want to be sure that they do not wish to have any more children because of the possibility that the process will affect their future ability to have children. They will also want to be sure that they and their families are aware of and understand any medical complications that can occur as a direct result of being a surrogate mom.

While there are medical risks associated with surrogacy, there is a very low likelihood of even the smallest occurrence of medical complications. Medical advancement and doctors' careful testing will ensure that every precaution is taken when trying to achieve pregnancy through surrogacy.

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