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Fast Overview to Surrogacy



Intended parents have many types of surrogacy agencies from which to choose. They may choose an agency that has its own surrogacy facilities or they may choose one that works with another facility. They will choose their facility based on the type of procedure they want to use to achieve pregnancy.

The agency will help intended parents understand what they should expect from the beginning of the procedure up until birth. In addition, they will counsel intended parents on issues that may arise as the child grows.

Whether couples have chosen to use a surrogate in the United States or to use an international surrogate, they should use an agency that specializes in surrogacy. Agencies will help ensure and protect medical, emotional and psychological health. In addition, surrogacy agencies should provide legal counsel

There are many legal issues associated with surrogacy. These laws will vary between states and countries. In the United States, there are few states that have any surrogacy laws at all. However, there are some states that have criminalized surrogacy.

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