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Find Out The Reasons for Needing A Surrogate Mother

Reasons For Needing One

There are many reasons that a couple may require a surrogate mother. There are various medical ailments that prevent couples from getting pregnant. The father may have problems with the viability of his sperm. The sperm may not get to the egg fast enough, dieing before it can fertilize the egg.

The intended father may also carry genetic characteristics he does not want to pass to his child. In this case the couple would choose not use the husband's sperm when attempting to conceive. Thus, the couple would not need a surrogate mother and may instead seek artificial insemination of the wife.

Intended mothers can have a huge variety of health issues that make pregnancy impossible or undesirable. For example, some women have a womb that will not support a fetus and may miscarry many times.

There are also women that have other biological problems that affect their ability to reproduce. Women can have cysts on their ovaries which make it impossible to release eggs when they should. There are also women that have only one ovary and have not been successful in achieving pregnancy. The reproductive system is complex and can cause various ailments which make pregnancy impossible.

Some women may turn to surrogate mothers because of severe health problems. While the woman may be healthy enough to be an effective mother, her body may be unable to survive pregnancy. There are, for instance, some women that choose to use a surrogate mother because they have heart problems which may cause the mother to be unable to survive a traditional child birth or a C-section. There are also women that have medical conditions that can be passed through birth or during gestation.

Sometimes the reason that a couple is unable to get pregnant is never identified. Infertility can be caused by something as simple as stress. On occasion, a couple has been able to achieve successful pregnancy on their own after having a baby through a surrogate mother. There are sometimes simple lifestyle changes that affect a couple's ability to get pregnant and they may make those changes without even realizing it.

Surrogate mothers provide the option to have a biological child that intended parents would not otherwise have. No matter what health issues may plague potential parents, they have the option of selecting to use the services of surrogate mothers. By using a surrogate mother, couples are assured that they have done everything to ensure their baby will be healthy.

They may have eliminated the potential for passing on dangerous genes or disease. Potential parents may also be taking the health considerations of the intended mother into consideration. There is a wide array of health reason that contribute to the choice of surrogacy.

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