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Why Should I Be A Surrogate

Who Are They

Commercial surrogates choose to help for a variety of reasons. One reason they choose to be a surrogate is because of the financial considerations. A surrogacy mother found through an agency may receive varied amounts of compensation. The surrogacy mother is compensated for any pregnancy-related expenses, but also receives additional funds for her time and services.

There are many types of women that choose to be a commercial surrogate. Women who are unable to pay for their education on their own may see surrogacy as a way to help pay for school. Single mothers that are having difficulty in paying their bills may also consider surrogacy as a source of income.

Whatever a surrogacy mother’s circumstance, the couple can be certain of several things. They can be assured that the surrogacy program has effectively screened the surrogate both physically and psychologically. Equally important, intended parents can be assured that a surrogacy mother is the type of person that wants to help people.

No woman would choose to be a surrogacy mother without considering the great hardship that intended parents have endured while trying to have a child.

Altruistic surrogacy makes the considerate nature of a surrogate more obvious. In the case of an altruistic surrogacy, the surrogacy mother is only receiving compensation for medical bills incurred as a result of the pregnancy, if any. An altruistic surrogate is likely related to the couple and has chosen to help because of that relationship.

Friends of intended parents may also choose to help by being their surrogate. In both cases the nature and personality of the surrogate suggests that they want to help others.

Any woman that chooses to be a surrogacy mother is likely to be of a loving and giving nature. Whether there is compensation involved or not, pregnancy is a long and intense time for any woman. In any case, a surrogacy mother gives of herself completely.

She will give up her time, will struggle emotionally, and will especially give of her body. Money may be a motive for choosing to be a surrogacy mother, but a loving and considerate nature is the personality trait that makes it an option in the first place.

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