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Choosing A Commercial Surrogacy

Commercial Surrogacy

There are many agencies that have surrogacy programs. Women that are willing to become surrogate mothers will register with the program. These programs are mostly utilized for commercial surrogacy. The women will be screened medically, emotionally and psychologically before they are allowed to be surrogate mothers. Intended parents will also be screened in much the same way. Surrogacy programs want to protect the interests and health of all parties involved.

When choosing a surrogacy program, intended parents should perform extensive research. There are many factors to consider. The couple will want to compare the cost of different surrogacy programs and the services they provide. Parents will want to be sure that the program offers the services they desire.

For instance, some agencies may limit your contact with the surrogate mother while others will offer unlimited access in person and on the phone. Parents will also want to check what sort of screening is done by the surrogacy program. It is vital that the couple is comfortable when choosing to take part in commercial surrogacy.

When choosing to utilize commercial surrogacy, intended parents will often search through a database of available surrogate mothers or at least be given some choice about who their surrogate mother is. The surrogate and the intended parents will both have a say about whether they are comfortable.

For some parents, commercial surrogacy is the only option for them to have a biological child. In the end, the father may be the only parent biologically related to the child. However, the shared experience they have through a surrogacy program often strengthens their relationship. By choosing their surrogate mother together, the couple and their surrogate mother experience the pregnancy together.

This experience can closely mimic a traditional pregnancy if it is handled that way by all parties. Surrogacy programs will try to provide the type of pregnancy experience intended parents are hoping for while adhering to agency rules and local laws.

Commercial surrogacy can provide for a wonderful shared pregnancy experience. After taking time to compare fees and screening processes of different surrogacy programs, intended parents should feel more comfortable with their surrogate mother. Intended parents’ positive relationship with their surrogate mother can help ensure a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Parents should also feel comfortable with their surrogate program. Agencies should be readily available to answer any questions or concerns that intended parents or surrogates have throughout the process. While all agencies must follow the same laws, some have differing policies. All participants should be comfortable will every single aspect of the process before they proceed.

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